Radar Challenge

Hosted by 2020 IEEE Radar Conference
University of Pisa Department of Information Engineering
19th -20th September 2020

Announcing the Radar Challenge

The Radar Challenge is a series of events co-hosted with radar conferences that enables participants to experience the magic of radar in a personal, tangible and experiential way. The events require participants to sense a scene using their self-engineered “home-brew” radar. The goal is to build a community of radar builders that collectively explore the art of the possible in making “COTS-based” radars.

The Challenge

Challenge participants are challenged to develop a low-cost COTS passive radar system. An outdoor terrace will be made available at the University of Pisa Department of Information Engineering building, which has a view towards the Pisa airport. From the terrace participants should demonstrate the capability of their system to detect and locate aircraft flying in or out of the airport.

The call for participation can be downloaded here.


The challenge is organised by the 2020 IEEE Radar Conference and the IEEE AESS Radar Systems Panel. In the case of questions, feel free to contact:
Alex Charlish (alexander.charlish@ieee.org) or Frank Robey (fcr@ieee.org)

Check the website regularly for news as well as tips on getting started.