Student Paper Competition

The purpose of the Student Paper Competition is to recognize outstanding technical contributions from individual students. Papers considered for an award should meet the following criteria:

  • The student must be the first author, must have written the paper, and must have done the substantial majority of the work
  • The paper contains a mature, significant contribution
  • The submission consists of a clear, polished manuscript of no more than 6 pages
  • If chosen as a finalist, the student must register for the conference and present the work during the conference to a panel of judges. The presentation will be in the same format as the lecture session presentations. At this time, we don’t know if there will be an in-person or virtual conference. In either case, students will be required to give their presentations “live” to the panel of judges, but will be allowed to do this either in-person or remotely. Note that this policy applies only to the Student Paper Competition. Each paper will also have to meet the registration and presentation requirements of the regular conference sessions according to the policy determined by the conference committee.

Submission process:

  • Fill out the submission form, and append it to the end of the pdf file of your paper. The submission form does not count toward the 6-page limit for the manuscript.
  • When submitting your paper, select the category “Student Papers” on the web form. ALL the papers belonging to the student paper category will participate into the Student Paper Competition.

Judging and Awards:

Papers submitted to the competition will be reviewed for technical merit by the AESS Radar Systems Panel Student Paper Competition Committee. Paper review will be on the initial submissions, so students should turn in a polished version of their paper in the initial submission.

A set of five final candidates will be invited to present their work in person at the conference to a panel of judges from industry and academia. The top three students will receive a cash award and recognition during the banquet awards ceremony on Wednesday, September 23, 2020.