Student Paper Competition

We are pleased to announce the name of the winners for the Student Paper Competition.

We would like to congratulate again the finalists of the 2020 IEEE Radar Conference Student Contest for their excellent job, and the winners of the awards:


1st Prize:€ 1.000,00 for the Best Student Paper Award sponsored by

  • 1570644107 – An Unsupervised Approach for Graph-based Robust Clustering of Human Gait Signatures. (Student author: Aylin Tastan, Technische Universität Darmstadt)

2nd place: Prize: € 500,00 sponsored by AESS Italian Chapter

  • 1570644104 – Copula-Based Robust Landmine Detection in Muti-View Forward-Looking GPR Imagery. (Student author: Afief Dias Pambudi, Technische Universität Darmstadt)

3rd place: € 250,00 sponsored by

  • 1570643829 – Combined Object Detection and Tracking on High Resolution Radar Imagery for Autonomous Driving Using Deep Neural Networks and Particle Filters, (Student author: Ana Stroescu, University of Birmingham)

Finalists (in paper ID order):

  • 1570643498 – Cognitive Radar System for Obstacle Avoidance Using In-Motion Memory-Aided Mapping. (Student author: Liyong Guo, Beijing Institute of Technology)
  • 1570644227 – Multi-Resolution and Multi-Rate UWB ESM Receiver Design via Direct RF Sub-Nyquist Sampling. (Student author: Abdullah Pinarcik, Istanbul Technical University)

First Alternate:

  • 1570644041 – Near-Field MIMO-ISAR Millimiter-Wave Imaging. (Student author: Josiah W.Smith, The University of Texas at Dallas)

Second Alternate:

  • 1570643548 – A Decentralized PHD Filter for Multi-Target Tracking in Asynchronous Multi-Static Radar System. (Student author: Qi Yang, University of Electronic Science and Technology of China)

Thanks to the local committee, Fulvio, Sabrina  and Pierfrancesco and to all the supporting members of the IEEE Radar System Panel.

Finally many thanks to all judging committee members for their support and dedication in organizing and running the contest.

Thanks to everyone for making this possible!