WIE Panel –September 24th, 2020 – 12:40-14:00 CET

Gender bias in the workplace

Women scored higher than men on 17 of the 19 most important leadership skills, according to a recent survey [1]. Nevertheless few women reach the top of the institutions in which they work. Moreover, lots of research has shown that unconscious bias plays a significant role in hiring and promotion decisions, which further contributes to the lower number of women in key positions. Therefore even if gender should not matter anymore in the 21st century, it still does.
Which are the strategies to combat gender bias in the workplace?
The WIE panel held during the 2020 IEEE Radar Conference aims at discussing these issues.

Session Program:

  • WIE.steer2STEM.chart: The commitment chart of the IEEE WIE Italy” – Dajane Cassioli”
  • Results From An Experiment Demonstrating Gender Bias In An Engineering Company” – Lynda Shaw
  • Hidden Figures of Women in Engineering” – Jill S. Tietjen

WIE Panel Chair:

Silvia Liberata Ullo
IEEE Senior Member, and the Industry Liaison for the IEEE Italy Joint ComSoc/VTS Chapter. She is a member of the Academic Senate at University of Sannio, and the National Referent for the FIDAPA BPW Italy Sciences and Technologies Task Force. Graduated with laude in Electronic Engineering at the Faculty of Engineering, of Federico II University, in Naples. She received the M.Sc. in Management from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Sloan School of Boston, USA, in June 1992. Since 2004 she is a researcher with the University of Sannio di Benevento, where she teaches Signal theory and elaboration, and Telecommunication networks, courses for the degree in Electronic Engineering and the Optical and radar remote sensing as Ph.D. course. She has authored 76 research papers in reputed journals and conferences, and co-authored many book chapters. Her research interests mainly deal with signal processing, remote sensing, image and satellite data analysis, machine learning applied to satellite data, radar systems, sensor networks, and smart grids. Institutional website at the link.

WIE Panelists:

Chair of the WIE AG of the IEEE Italy Section. She is an Associate Professor of Telecommunications Engineering at the DISIM – University of L’Aquila, Italy. Her research interests span over wireless communications, 5G/B5G Networks and Cybersecurity. She is the Coordinator of L’Aquila’s Node of the CINI National Laboratory on Cybersecurity. In 2010 and 2016 she has been awarded the ERC-StG VISION and the ERC-PoCiCARE. She is author and co-author of tens of publications on prestigious International Journals and Conferences. She served as the Industry Co-Chair of PIMRC 2018, WIE Chair for RTSI 2018, RTSI 2019, RTSI 2020, MELECON 2020 and 2020 IEEE Int. Workshop for Industry 4.0 and IoT, and as TPC member of several International Conferences (ICC, PIMRC, VTC, GLOBECOM). She is an Editor of the IET Electronics Letters and IEEE Communications Letters, and ITL and ETT John Wiley & Sons Ltd.

Jill S. Tietjen
P.E. Author of the book series “Women in Engineering and Science“, edited by Springer

Tietjen is a frequent keynote speaker at engineering, science, and women’s conferences and is often profiled in the media. She regularly speaks on women’s contributions, women in engineering, historical women in engineering and science, and leadership topics. Her positive energy and her ability to relate to the audience result in inspired and energized listeners. Tietjen has written articles for and been profiled in SWE: Magazine of the Society of Women Engineers, Graduating Engineer, U.S. Woman Engineer, Woman Engineer, and Engineering Horizons. Tietjen has been inducted into the Colorado Women’s Hall of Fame. She has co-authored several Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) papers.


Lynda Shaw
PhD CPsychol PSAE. Author of the book “Your Brain is Boss”, edited by SRA Books

As a cognitive neuroscientist with business psychology and an entrepreneurial background, Lynda’s aim is to offer a deeper understanding of what it takes to thrive and prosper.
When unconscious bias blinds people from seeing resolution and valuable insights. When uncontrolled emotion hinders communication. When women find it hard to negotiate for promotion or becoming partner. When stress levels swamp productivity. She has spent her whole working life building a reputation for practical insights that make a real difference to the running of successful businesses by enabling an efficient and happy workforce that gives a business competitor advantage. Lynda works with business leaders through consultancy, masterclasses and mentoring.


In collaboration with

IEEE Aerospace & Electronic Systems Society

[1] Jack Zenger and Joseph Folkman, Research: Women Score Higher than Men in Most Leadership Skills, June 25, 2019, Harvard Business Review (https://hbr.org/2019/06/research-women-score-higher-than-men-in-most-leadership-skills)